Eye Works Curacao is the exclusive dealer of BerryAlloc flooring and wall products for Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire.

BerryAlloc puts its know-how at the disposal of architects, contracting authorities, advisors, contractors specializing in flooring and generalist contractors.

Since every project is unique, BerryAlloc specializes in solutions, tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements and suited to all uses: Residential construction, bars, hotels and restaurants, offices... and any other project type




There is a reason why wooden floors are still immensely popular despite the arrival and continuous improvement of other flooring materials. The fact is, wood is a natural product with a unique design.

It fits into any type of interior and adds a warm and natural touch to it.




The design of these very durable floors breathes harmony and elegance. Their primary asset?

They are the toughest on the market, winning prestigious contracts such as those for Heathrow Airport, or the Milan 2015 Universal Exhibition. They can stand up to high traffic and crowded environments without appearing worse for wear.



Laminate is available in a huge range of wood and stone effect finishes, which are designed to have a natural lifelike appearance and to complement your chosen colour scheme.

Some ranges are even available with a unique water-repellent coating, which means that there is a laminate floor perfect for every room in the house, including kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas.


Vinyl floors have evolved from an old fashioned flooring material to a trendy one with countless design possibilities and an attractive price tag.

The waterproof quality of vinyl combined with an extreme durability and low maintenance make it the ideal flooring solution for both residential and commercial use. Whether you're looking for a floor in your bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, hallway or lobby, vinyl is always the best choice if you love great designs that last a lifetime.


Looking for a versatile, durable and easy way to renew your kitchen or bathroom interior? BerryAlloc® wall panels are the ideal solution for you.

Choose from an extensive range of natural-looking motifs, surprising designs and different tile sizes to give your space a new look and feel. Wall panels give you a great result and are a lot quicker and easier to install than real tiles.


Interior designs, custom furniture design, plants and decorations, Eye Works Curacao specializes in creating complete design solutions, taking into account all the aspects of the space.

From design ideas to 3D images to the manufacturing and installation, we offer complete design solutions!


Working with wood requires patience, determination, craftsmanship and passion.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in woodwork and all furniture we offer is made in our own wood-shop designed exclusively for Eye Works Curacao.


We design projects using many different kinds of woods. Depending on the type of project we decide on using a hardwood species like Oak or Meranti.

Or a softwood species like Pitchpine or engineered wood types like medium density Fibreboard.