Alea Office

Eye Works Curacao is the exclusive dealer of Alea Office furniture for Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire.

Alea office, Italian industrial artisans who design and build a wide range of contract furniture offerings.

Alea can manufacture products that flow very easily among high-end to mid-market to budget solutions based not only on our quality standards, but on our robust range of material offerings that help us achieve a variety of price points.







benching, desking, European systems, complete custom capability, conference rooms, training tables, coffee tables, storage and receptions.



Interior designs, custom furniture design, plants and decorations, Eye Works Curacao specializes in creating complete design solutions, taking into account all the aspects of the space.

From design ideas to 3D images to the manufacturing and installation, we offer complete design solutions!


Working with wood requires patience, determination, craftsmanship and passion.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in woodwork and all furniture we offer is made in our own wood-shop designed exclusively for Eye Works Curacao.


We design projects using many different kinds of woods. Depending on the type of project we decide on using a hardwood species like Oak or Meranti.

Or a softwood species like Pitchpine or engineered wood types like medium density Fibreboard.